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Survey Programming made easier now. A super easy DIY platform to create surveys super fast.

Feature 01

Question Types

DataQire offers a variety of question types which are mobile ready, from a simple radio or checkbox questions to complex maxdiffs or conjoints. Create backend variables, apply pipe-ins and many more. Choose the one which best suits your requirements.

Feature 02

Skip Logics

Need condition based questions, we have you covered. You can apply condtions to show only relevant parts of survey to your respondents. DataQire enables you to apply filters on entire sections or a particular question even on a desired response row.

Feature 03


Want to evaluate concepts? Create concepts in no time to pick between options, apply priority conditions, restricted groups. Run your concepts based on least fill, random or balance it by other question.

Feature 02

MaxDiff Analysis

You always dreamed to be able to create a MaxDiff with just few clicks? We made it for you! The easiest set of the Maximum Difference Scaling research technique which will show you what the panel truly values.

Feature 01

Conjoint Analysis

We made the conjoint analysis so simple to program. Forget everything you ever did to create a CBC - just book 3 mins of your time to create it in DataQire.

Feature 04

Look Ups

Looks up are one of the best ways to keep symmetry between your responses across different questions. Dictionary and Key Metrics are the two ways to achieve same. Dictionary is a two dimension Key-Value pairs to hold the response codes and response labels where as Key Metric is multi dimensional data structure to lookup against a specific key.

Feature 06

Quotas and Screen outs

You can set multiple quotas and screen out conditions in your survey to ensure you are targeting to correct audience for your survey. You can check quotas or screen out responsdents immediately or choose a particular point in survey to execute it.

Feature 05

Test Mode

With test mode you can verify each and every component of your survey before launching. Test mode enables you to jump to any question in the survey to test all the conditions and helps in identifying issues that need to be fixed.

Survey Distribution and Data Collection

Collectiong data for your survey is a cake walk now. DataQire offers you 3 ways to collect data for your survey.


Share your survey via email to your list of people. Track their status and send reminders.

Sample Partner

You can integrate sample partners in your survey to reach out to your target audiance in just few clicks.

Social Links

You can also post open links on your social media or messaging platforms to collect data.

Pay As You Go

Create a DataQire account and purchase platform services at pay-as-you-go pricing. Once you sign up, you will receive credits worth INR 120000 which you can use to try platform. Afterwards add credits to your profile and just pay for what you use.

No sign up fee or pre payment required
What you will get
  • Unlimited survey questions
  • Access to all controls and features
  • No restriction on data file size
  • Pay only for the data you store on platform
  • Flat fee of INR 15 for every survey response


DataQire is more than just a survey creation tool, we are a software company who loves developing web and windows based software dedicated to market research industry. Market research operations is a division of DataQire, which is a cutting-edge provider of data processing services to the market research industry. We are committed to exceptional customer service and exceeding expectations. Our innovative survey data analysis software allows us to handle projects in record time while still maintaining the best quality and accuracy.

Survey Programming

Our team of highly experienced survey programmers are dedicated to help you in building your surveys.

Tables / Cross-tabulations

Our team of highly trained data processors create tables that turn your survey data into actionable insights. We understand that getting tables quickly and at the highest level of accuracy is important and crucial for making business decisions. Whether there are complex banner specs, grid tables, custom tables, or weighting, we have you covered...

Data Validation

Using our proprietary D.I.C.E. software, we are able to quickly and accurately validate data and create a report of any issues that need to be addressed.

Data Merging / Conversion

Merging files from multiple waves of a study or from varying sources can be cumbersome and time consuming. We have the tools and expertise to merge data and ensure its integrity.

Data Weighting

When weighting of data is required in order to bring your sample in line with your expectations, we have you covered. We apply rim weighting when multiple variables (ex: Age, Gender, Region, etc.) are involved and can include up to 40 different variables in the weight calculation. If you know the weight targets you would like us to use, just let us know, or if you just want to “weight to Census”, we have the latest information available and will apply accordingly.

Automated Charting

Another great benefit of using our proprietary D.I.C.E. software is our ability to convert tables quickly and easily into a charted format. This not only saves significant time but also guarantees accuracy.

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